35th CISM World Military Wrestling Championship kicks off in Tehran, Algeria taking part


ALGIERS- The inauguration ceremony of the 35th CISM World Military Wrestling Championship took place, on Saturday, in Iranian capital, Tehran’s Azadi Sports Complex .

The event is organized until November 25 with participation of 300 wrestlers from 22 countries, including Algeria, Armenia, Brazil, Bangladesh, Colombia, Greece, Guinea, Iraq, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Slovakia, Tunisia, and Iran.

To this end, Brigadier General Mehdi Hajian, the spokesman for the Iranian police or the Law Enforcement pointed out, at a press conference, that the goal of the CISM is to create unity and solidarity among the world’s military forces through sports.

Iran, noteworthy, has been a member of CISM since 1957 and has hosted this event several times, according to Brigadier General Mehdi Hajian.

At the end of the press conference, the spokesman said that the Iranian Law Enforcement or the Police was fully ready for hosting the event.


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