Tourism In Algeria: 12 Things to see and do in Bejaia, Magical Town


Mythical caves, welcoming population and preserved biodiversity, Bejaia has not finished making you dream. This millennial city is full of more splendid places than the others, and we enjoyed listing some of them…

Formerly named ‘Bougie’, due to the manufacture and export of wax candles in the region, this coastal province of 300 000 inhabitants is located 250 km east of Algiers.

Below a selection of the must-see places in Bejaia:

1-Spend a late afternoon at “Brise de Mer”:

Bougiottes favorite night destination, this space developed by the sea has many advantages, including its location, at the old town’s foot and close to the sea. A place of ideal relaxation for evenings with friends or family.

2-Climb to the Cape Carbon Top:

Without doubt one of the most grandiose places you can visit in Bejaia, Cape Carbon is located north of the port of Bejaia. It is equipped with the highest natural lighthouse in the world. The view that this cape offers you on the big blue is incomparable.

3- Visit the site of the Aiguades:

A place where we see a perfect harmony between the water drawn from the bowels of the Sbâa Djebilet, an abundant and varied flora and a creek of the most magical.

4- Take a hike to Yemma Gouraya:

How to speak of Bejaia without mentioning her patron saint? “Yemma Gouraya” is a mountain that overlooks the city at over 660m above sea level. At the top is perched a fort located in a protected area. Many legends attempt to explain the origin of the name, attributing it to a sage, to the Spaniards or even to its own inhabitants. Another local legend: in good weather, you can see the curves of a woman on the top of the mountain.
5- Make a picnic at Lake Mézaia:

Located in the city center on an area of ​​2.5 hectares, Lake Mézaia is an abandoned wetland but would benefit from being maintained. 35 animal species are to discover, during your walk on these areas.

For the anecdote, the lake owes its existence to a clay deposit that fed a brickyard. One day, by digging too deeply, the groundwater has risen and since then, the lake has taken its final form.

6- Have a coffee at the Place du 1er Novembre and an ice cream at “Da Ali Vou la glace”:

More known under the name of Place Gueydon, its former name, the Place du 1er Novembre; is the central square of the city, overlooking the harbor. Housing the film library and cafes with terraces, this is the perfect place for a bit of relaxation in the city center. A little further down, the mythical “Da Ali Vou ice” will refresh you with its ice creams.

7-Discover the Aokas’ cave:

True natural treasure and a splendor of which only lady nature has the secret, the wonderful cave is made of mysterious brilliant forms of crystalline matter. It is located 25 km east of the province’s capital.

8-Take a trip to Cape Sigli:

Famous for its biodiversity, the richness of its underwater fauna and for its unspoilt natural views, Cape Sigli is also known for its mythical octagonal lighthouse dating from the early twentieth century. It is located 40 km west of Bejaia and worth a visit.

9-Spend a stay at Thaïs’ Hostel:

Seaside resort specializing in tourism, this hostel offers its guests accommodation, gourmet food, night club, beaches, swimming pools and other leisure activities; such as horse riding, fishing, quad or scuba diving.

Located between sea and mountain in Toudja’s town, Thaïs’ Inn ensures a total change of scenery.

10-Spend a day at the Water Museum:

Located in Toudja, the water museum is a set of historical, cultural, scientific, educational and tourist. You will find there the mythical source of Toudja, the waterfall, the little playful source, Akham ouamane (“water house” in Berber), the falls and the reservoirs of water as well as the water mill. If you go through Toudja, take a tour, especially as your visit can be completed, if you wish, by a tour at the remains of the Saldae aqueduct Ifrane (Tihnaïne Bridge, Lahbel Tunnel, …).

11-Take a dip in Saket’s different beaches:

Who says summer season, says Saket. This tourist village is located west of the city, near the Gouraya National Park. Normally, with a population of 2000, this village is home to nearly 100 000 people in the summer season!. Proof, if we needed, the place occupied by this village in the tourist landscape of the city.

12-Take a boat trip to Pisan Island – Nizla:

If you are in Bejaia, you must absolutely check the island of Pisans – affectionately called Nizla – so things to do, both the transparent water and surrounding flora are sublime. A trip by boat from the beach of Boulimat, which is nearby, is recommended to go there.

Obviously, Bejaia is not limited to these places and there are many other places that we will let you discover.

We have a beautiful country, and Bejaia is one of the many proofs.

Samira SALAH




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