Scandalous welcome in Algiers: Minister of Youth, Sport offers official apologies to athletes


ALGIERS- The Minister of Youth and Sports, Abderezak Sebgag reacted, once again, on the incident linked to the scandalous reception of the athletes on their return to Algiers, which made headlines …

Speaking, Thursday, at a launch reception at the People’s Palace (Algiers) in honor of the members of the sports delegation who participated in the Tokyo Paralympic Games, the Minister presented his official apologies to the Algerian Paralympic selection: “We officially apologize for the behavior and the welcome reserved for the athletes” who broke world and African records at the games.

Mr. Sebgag continued: “This meeting is a message to all Algerian youth, that said, “the Algerian state is devoting all the means necessary to help the youth,” he stressed.

President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, for his part, said that he had given instructions to better manage disabled athletes, adding that “no distinction will be made between Algerian athletes.”

Speaking at a launch reception, Mr. Tebboune said that “the next goal for Algerian athletes is the Mediterranean Games, the 2022 disabled sports events in Oran, the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports was mobilized to achieve this goal, he stressed. “No distinction will now be made between Algerian athletes. We will support all those who represent the national colors,” added the president.

The President of the Republic has, moreover, told the athletes and their supervisors that he had given instructions for “a better management of disabled athletes, unlike what was done in the past.”

“The Ministry of Youth and Sports is at the service of athletes,” he said, calling on on the ministry and the sports federation to refer to the Prime Minister or the Presidency of the Republic to express their concerns, if needed.

President Tebboune has further highlighted to the officials of the sports delegation that they had “carte blanche” and “all the material means” necessary to ensure a good preparation for the Olympic and Paralympic Games of Paris 2024, urging them to “organize regional meetings with neighboring countries, African and European.”

President Tebboune affirmed on this occasion that the Mediterranean Games of Oran 2022 “will indeed take place.”


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