Western Sahara condemns in strongest terms “desperate attempts” to tarnish image of Sahrawi people’s struggle


ALGIERS- The Saharawi Republic has condemned “in the strongest terms” the attempts of the Moroccan media and its media outlets in France to tarnish the image of the struggle led by the Sahrawi people by maliciously associating it with terrorist organizations.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the Sahrawi Ministry of Information condemned “attempts to misuse the name ‘al-Sahrawi’ in the media to imply that there is a direct relationship” between the leader of the terrorist organization of the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara (EIGS), Adnan Abu Walid, and the Sahrawi people and its legitimate national struggle for freedom and independence.

Describing these media attempts as “desperate”, the ministry reaffirmed “the unwavering positions of the Sahrawi Republic and its unceasing efforts in the fight against terrorism and cross-border organised crime in the region”.

Moroccan and French media reported, on Thursday, the news of the death of Adnan Abou Walid, leader of the so-called “EIGS” organisation, by sticking the label of “Sahrawi” in front of his name.

The Sahrawi Republic affirmed that “the Sahrawi people and the Polisario Front since its inception to date as a responsible national liberation movement, rely on the Sahrawi people’s struggle in a clean and healthy way and within the framework of international and humanitarian law, as this emanates from its conscious, permanent and strategic choice not to tolerate any act that could undermine this sacred principle.

Adnan Abu Walid, the same source adds, “is the direct product of the barbaric occupation of a large part of our national territory”.

“The negative role of the Moroccan Kingdom, in all categories of organised crime by flooding the region with drugs and forming alliances between its traffickers and terrorist groups in the region, is evident and documented by all international centres and specialised agencies,” the same source underlined.

The Sahrawi Republic reiterated that “the Sahrawi people will continue its legitimate national struggle with all its forces within the framework of the inalienable right guaranteed by international law to self-determination and independence.


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