Athletics / Arab Championships 2017: Algeria to take part in Tunisia, starting from Thursday 15th


The Federation of Algerian Athletics (FAA) announced, on Monday, that it has chosen the date of July 13th, running for the relocation of the senior (men / women) selection in Tunisia, on the sidelines of the Arab Championships 2017, which will take place on July 15th until July 18th in Tunisia, APS reported.

“The national team will embark at 5:10 pm (local time), and it will be led by Mr. Yahia Mekhloufi, a member of the Federal Bureau” FAA detailed in a statement.

The Algerian selection is made up of 21 athletes: 14 males and 7 females, who will aim to achieve the best possible results in this competition, while “representing Algeria with dignity, even outside the field”, according to the FAA.



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