Football: FC Rennes refuses a € 5 million-offer from Lille OSC, to obtain the Algerian Ramy Bensebaini


The Administration of the French Football Club, FC Rennes, has refused to give up on its Algerian International defender, Ramy Bensebaini, during the summer transfer period, which will launch tomorrow, after an official offer of € 5 million, equivalent to 90 billion centimes in Algerian currency, made by the other French Club “Lille OSC”.

Lille OSC’s administration has expressed his desire to obtain the Algerian international, Rami Ben-Sabini, who showed a high performance in Rennes during the recent season.

FC Rennes’s President, has refused to give up on the 22-year-old services for no less than 15 million Euros, equivalent to 270 billion centimes in Algerian currency, according to French official sources.

FC Lille officials have recently expressed their willingness to make a bid of 10 million Euros, in order to obtain Ramy Bensebaini, although he inked a contract with FC Rennes until 2020, French Press revealed.








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