Tunisia to host World Cup of football legends from 1 to 5 December

Tunisia to host World Cup of football legends

Tunisia will host the World Cup of football legends, from 1 to 5 December 2017, with the participation of 13 selections reinforced by former stars who have marked the world football for many years, announced Friday evening the Tunisian Minister of Youth and Sports, Majdoline Cherni, specifying that the competitions will take place in the stadiums of Rades, Sousse and Monastir.

Speaking at a press conference devoted to the presentation of the event, Cherni said that “Tunisia will be the rendezvous of the world football stars that marked their footprints in the great stadiums of Europe and the world ‘.

The tournament will include participations from Italy, Brazil, Germany, England, Japan, France, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Holland, Spain, United States, Argentina and Tunisia, organizing countries, as well as stars from the African and American continents.

Each match will last for 60 minutes and will be led by Legends of International Arbitration. The event will be as a charitable activity with the auction of football jerseys and shoes of former stars; the obtained benefits will be offered to the needy. It will be covered in particular by the main television channels in the world, reports the Tunisian Press agency TAP.

Source: Radio Algerie



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