Fameck Festival (France): Algerian cinema to be honored


ALGIERS – Algerian cinema will be honored at the 33rd Arab Film Festival, scheduled for October 6-16 in Fameck (northeastern France), said the organizers.

Several films, ranging from fiction and documentaries, are programmed in the different sections of this festival which welcomes, for its new edition, Algerian filmmakers, artists and actors, in addition to meetings on the Algerian cinema, history and culture.

The fiction feature films “Soula” (2021) by Salah Issad and “Argu” (Dream, 2022) by Amar Belkacemi are competing for the festival’s Grand Prize, alongside films in this category from several countries.

In the documentary category, the feature production “Nerdjes A”, a life of an Algerian activist” by Algerian-Brazilian director Karim Aïnouz, will be presented in competition, alongside “Sur les traces de Frantz Fanon” (France), a documentary by Mehdi Lallaoui which retraces the career of Frantz Fanon, an intellectual and anti-colonialist activist who supported the Algerians in their fight for independence.

In addition, the Franco-Algerian filmmaker, Mounia Meddour, who notably directed “Papicha” (2019), a multi-award-winning fiction, will chair the feature film jury of this edition.

The documentary “Algeria seen from the sky” (2015), directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Yazid Tizi will be screened at the end of this festival.

Besides, several short films, including “Déboussolé” by Youcef Mansour, will be presented in addition to conferences on Algerian cinema, history and culture and meetings with Algerian directors, artists and actors.

Founded in 1990, the Fameck Arab Film Festival is an annual event dedicated to cinema from Arab countries and the Mediterranean.


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