Broadcasting regulator warns against unconfirmed information, detrimental to Algerian product, national economy


ALGIERS- Broadcasting Regulatory Authority (ARAV), on Wednesday, warns against unconfirmed information “that could damage the reputation of Algerian products and the national economy,” stressing the need to check the information source and verify the accuracy and veracity of the information.

The ARAV stated to have followed the treatment by the Algerian media the question of the export of Algerian dates, and noted that “certain television channels had referred to information disseminated by newspapers and the electronic sites claiming an alleged cessation of exports of Algerian dates decided by the Ministry of Trade, due to the return of certain deliveries on the grounds that they contained substances harmful to health, according to an article published by the daily ‘Echorouk’, which generalized this information to all varieties of Algerian dates”.

The ARAV recalled, in this sense, the denial made, on Wednesday, by the Ministry of Trade and Export Promotion, refuting the false information relayed concerning the cessation of the export of Algerian dates.

It specified that “the treatment of such subjects and information could damage the reputation of the Algerian product and the national economy”.

The ARAV “stressed, once again, the need to comply with professional rules and to ensure the veracity of information from its sources, by referring to all parties and respecting the freedom-responsibility relationship”, continued the same source.

“In the event of continued non-professional processing of information directly related to the general interest, the ARAV will take the necessary legal measures”.

The Ministry of Trade and Export Promotion refuted, on Wednesday, “the false information relayed concerning the cessation of the export of Algerian dates”.

“This information is devoid of any foundation”, indeed reacted the department of Kamel Rezig in a press release, thus, bringing, “a categorical denial to the false information published in an article in the newspaper Echorouk, dated September 06 2022, and through its electronic site, as well as the paper version published on Wednesday, September 7, 2022, indicating that the Ministry of Trade and Export Promotion has decided to immediately stop the export of Algerian dates”.

“This article is based on unjustified information, devoid of any foundation and detrimental to the national economy and our country’s wealth”, adding that “the quality of Algerian dates is prized by all international levels”.

The ministry regrets “this unprofessional attitude which is based on the author of the article’s non-verification of the veracity of his information and his ignorance of the reliable information provided by the ministry’s services”, stressing that “the efforts of the latter largely support the promotion and encouragement of non-hydrocarbon exports”.


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