MoU, to rationalizing energy consumption in industry sector, signed


ALGIERS- Minister of Industry, Mr. Mohamed Bacha, and the Minister of Energy Transition and Renewable Energy, Chems Eddine Chitour, signed a memorandum of understanding to rationalize energy consumption in the industrial sector and to relaunch the local manufacturing activity of the solar water heater.

The document signed by the ministers of the two sectors respectively Mr. Mohamed Bacha and Chems Eddine Chitour seeks to develop a roadmap for joint action and promote the exchange between the two ministries and groups and bodies under it.

The two parties have agreed, through the signing of this memorandum of understanding, to lay groundwork for institutional cooperation between the two ministries for strengthening energy efficiency in the industrial sector, in response to the national program of energy management.

The memorandum aims at, in particular, to evaluate the energy consumption in the various industrial branches in accordance with international standards and also to propose a program of detailed control of the energy efficiency in the various branches of industrial activity and to extend the use of solar energy within the industrial companies.

The document also provides for the rationalization of energy use in the cement industry and steel / metallurgy which are among the most energy-intensive industries, in addition to the appointment of the position of energy manager at the level of industrial facilities.

Adoption of the first locally manufactured solar water heater model

The above document also tends to re-launch the project of manufacturing solar water heaters through the monitoring of manufacturers of these products and their awareness of the need to adopt a technical specification, in accordance with the requirements and Algerian standards in this field.

The signing of this Memorandum took place on the sidelines of a meeting held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Industry around the theme of “Energy consumption and energy efficiency in the industrial sector.”

In a statement to the press at the end of the signing ceremony, Mr. Bacha stressed the need to involve national industrial companies on the track of energy efficiency, which can contribute to the rationalization of their energy consumption, without impacting their production level, thus allowing them to improve their competitiveness in order to invest in foreign markets and promote national exports, assured Mr. Bacha who said that compliance with the principles of energy transition will save nearly 30% of energy consumption in the industrial field.

The Minister of Industry reaffirmed the commitment of the two sectors to carry out a joint action with the contribution of public industrial companies, for the production of a solar water heater and panels of local manufacture, “which will materialize the contribution of the industrial sector in the field of energy transition.

For his part, Mr. Chitour recalled the importance of integrating principles of energy transition in industrial enterprises, in order to save natural gas in particular.

The Minister also reported the ongoing production of a 1st solar water heater that has been validated by the Development Center for Renewable Energy and by agencies under the Ministry of Industry, adding in this regard, that in a 2nd step, a tender will be launched for its production.



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