top 10 cities to visit in Algeria: Tlemcen


Former capital of the central Maghreb, the city mixes influences Berber, Arab, Hispano-Moorish, Ottoman and Western. From this mosaic of influences, the city derives the title of capital of Andalusian art in Algeria. According to the author Dominique Mataillet, various titles are attributed to the city including “Pearl of the Maghreb”, “African Granada” and “Medina of the West”.


The province of Tlemcen has 45 natural and historical sites classified by the Algerian Ministry of Culture, twenty sites and monuments are located in the town: Honaïne, the Almoravid Mosques of Tlemcen and Nedroma, Abu Madyane, El-Eubbad Madrasah, Sidi Bellahsen’s mosque, the Sidi Halloui mosque, the El Mechouar palace, the villages of Tlata and Zahra, the Beni Snous mosque, the ruins of Mansourah, the Rabb sanctuary, the Aïn Fezza caves, Bab El Qarmadin, the minaret of Agadir, the plateau of Lalla Setti, etc.

Among the tourist sites, it is possible to mention:

the plateau of Lalla Setti: plateau equipped with playgrounds and relaxation that dominates the city and offers a panorama of the city and its surroundings;

the waterfalls: place of walk and bathing for the Tlemcéniens with “The Gouffre” (El Ourit), name of the wadi Mefrouch during its fall in successive basins towards wadi Safsaf;
the caves of Ain Fezza: three underground rooms furnished with stalactites and stalagmites.

N.Houda Chabane

Source: taoujih


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