Road Accident in Algeria: Number of deaths, injuries decreased from January to May 2017


The number of deaths in road accidents has reached 1.343, while 14.500 people injured, during the first five months of 2017, according to the National Center for Prevention and Road Security.

According to the figures provided by the center, on the sidelines of the launch of the national campaign to prevent traffic accidents, the number of deaths declined by 177 cases, compared to the same period last year (January and May 2016), causing traffic accidents, which killed 1520 people; a decrease of 11.64 percent.

The number injuries in road accidents has also decreased by 16.43 percent, compared to the same period in 2016, where 17.350 have been recorded compared to 14.500 in the current year; a decrease of 2.850.

Moreover, the number of traffic accidents between January and May 2017 was 10.206 compared to 11.663 in the same period last year; a decrease of 12.49 percent.

Algiers has topped the list of provinces, regarding the number of traffic accidents with 601 incidents followed by the province of Msila with 456 accidents and then Setif with 428 incidents.

Regarding the number of road traffic fatalities, The province of Msila was heavier during this period with 66 casualties, followed by Algiers with 62 deaths and Batna with 56 ones.



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