Daily Weather Forecast Bulletin: March, 13, 2017


The  weather is changing through the coming hours .

Fog, overcast with bright interval from time to time will be expected in Northern and Western regions, more rain arriving through these regions in the afternoon, whereas in Eastern and South regions will stick with the shinny sun.
As for temperature, it will turn cooler compared to yesterday. Algier and Annaba 20°. Oran 18°. Djelfa 16°. Setif and Batna and Tizi-Ouzou 21°.
In the South, temperature will rise up to 26° in Bechar, 32° in Adrar and Tindouf, 33° in In Salah and 36° in Extreme South.
For those interested in fishing, wind will prevail all the day, with gusting from Westerly to Northwesterly in Western coasts, from Easterly to Northeasterly in North coasts and from different directions in Eastern coasts, ranging at 10 to 20 km/h in Northern and Eastern coasts, 30 to 50 km/h in Western coasts.
Wave run-up will range at 1/1.5 meters in Northern coasts, 1 meter in Eastern coasts and 2/2.05 meters in Western coasts.
Sunset will be at 18:53.
Source: National Office of Meteorology.


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