World Harvest, February, 21 , 2017


Thousands of people across USA have taken the streets to mark this year’s President’s Day, by staging protests to rally against Donald Trump’s presidency, Press TV reported.
Americans celebrate the third Monday of February in honor of the first US President George Washington, who was born on February 22, 1732.
Protesters in New York have expressed their outrage over Trump’s immigration order, banning Muslim from seven Muslim majority countries from entering USA as well as his policies towards Mexico.
They gathered outside the Central Park in Manhattan, nearly opposite the Trump International Hotel and Tower, chanting “No ban, no wall. The Trump regime has got to fall”, reading: “I don’t pay taxes to fund a golf weekend,” “Just say no to fascist pigs” and “NO! We refuse to accept a fascist America.”

-Lieutenant general, HR McMaster, has been named by US elected president Donald Trump as his national security adviser.
Lt Gen HR McMaster has replaced, Michael Flynn, who was fired after three weeks and three days after quitting the job.
A lieutenant general with US Army, HR McMaster served in Iraq and Afghanistan, where he worked on a government anti-corruption drive.

The Atlas Copco plant comprises four QAC1250 generators and has been integrated with Iquitos City current energy system. The plant was installed in less than two days and the integration only required the installation of two portable transformers to raise the QAC1250 output voltage from 400V to the distribution voltage at an adjacent thermal power plant of 10.5kV.

Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, stressed, in his remarks at  the  opening speech of  the 6th International Conference in Support of the Palestinian Intifada (Uprising) in Tehran on Tuesday, that all Muslim countries have a responsibility to support Palestinian resistance.
“One of the achievements of this valuable conference is announcing the first priority of the world of Islam and freedom fighters all over the world, which is the issue of Palestine and the creation of an atmosphere of harmony and unanimity with the purpose of achieving the lofty goal of supporting the people of Palestine and their truthful and justice-oriented fight,” the Leader said.

Western Sahara:
Western Sahara’s government condemned, on Monday, Morocco’s threat and blackmail conducted against the European Union for its support to Western Sahara.

Algeria/ Germany:
State Secretary to the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Uwe Karl Beckmeyer , expressed Germany’s willingness to further beef up the constructive Algerian-German cooperation in all fields.

The convoy of GNA (Government of National Accord), Fayez al-Sarraj, came under gunfire in Tripoli on Monday, without causing any casualties.
"All the cars were armoured-plated, and there were no injuries," his administration said.
An investigation was underway to identify the assailants.

Algeria/ Ukraine:
Algeria and other Arab countries, to wit, Egypt, Morocco, Libya and Jordan have issued tenders to purchase Ukraine’s milling wheat.

A bomb explosion rocked a court complex in northern Pakistan, killing at least five people.

Five passengers passed away near Melbourne, Australia, due to a crash of a small plane.

At least six Guineans have been killed during violent protests calling for the reopening of schools amid a weeks-long strike by teachers.

Lebanon’s Parliament Speaker, Nabih Berri, pointed out, in his remarks at the 6th International Conference in Support of the Palestinian Intifada (Uprising) in Tehran on Tuesday, that the Zionists are committing the worst kind of “state-sponsored terrorism.

Zionist Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, paid his first official visit to Singapore, expressing his willingness to further beef up constructive cooperation with Singapore in all fields.

A Jordanian man has been rescued after trying to set himself on fire after government refused to accept his demand on changing his job.

Algeria/ Germany:
Algerian Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal spoke on the phone with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday (February 21st).
Sellal and Merkel spoke of bilateral relations and the German Chancellor’s next visit to Algeria.

Three people have been arrested in France, involved in suspicion of terror attack.

A mosque was vandalized, on Monday  night to Tuesday, February 21, in the eastern city of Montreal, the second largest metropolis in Canada.
This is the third act that targets the Muslim community in Canada in less than a month.


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