Pakistan’s mission in Algeria observes ‘Black Day’ in solidarity with Kashmiris


ALGIERS- Pakistani Embassy in Algeria, on Thursday, observed “Kashmir Black Day”, marked every year on 27 October, to express solidarity with the people of Jammu and Kashmir on the 75th anniversary of the dispute over the region.

The commemoration took place at the Embassy headquarters, with Pakistani & Algerian dignitaries aand members of civil society in attendance. The event commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran. The messages of the President, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Pakistan were read out, in which the Pakistani officials expressed solidarity with the Kashmiris and called on the international community to take steps to hold India accountable for its human rights violations.

In his remarks, the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Algeria, Muhammed Tariq stated that “ever since the Indian forces landed in Srinagar to occupy Jammu and Kashmir more than seven decades ago, the repressed, oppressed and brutalized people of the Valley are looking towards the international community for justice”.

And to add: “People of Jammu and Kashmir are waiting for the international community to fulfill its promises made through UN Security Council’s multiple resolutions, demanding a free and impartial plebiscite for Kashmiris to exercise their inalienable right to self-determination”.

He stressed that the Kashmir dispute is about fundamental human rights, adding that a just and lasting solution of the dispute, in accordance with international law and UN Security Council resolutions, is the only way to ensure durable peace and development in the region.

Highlighting Pakistan’s commitment to political, moral, and diplomatic support for Kashmiris, the Pakistani Envoy reaffirmed the country’s “resolve to stand shoulder to shoulder with Kashmiri brethren in their legitimate cause of freedom.”

“Pakistan would always stand shoulder to shoulder with the Kashmiris, and would become their voice in every international forum, and would continue to provide political, diplomatic and moral support to their just cause,” concluded Mr.Muhammed Tariq.

For their part, the Algerian guests took the floor to pay tribute to the people of Jammu and Kashmir. They expressed their solidarity, while illustrating that the political and human rights of the Kashmiris are in accordance with the United Nations Security Council’s resolutions.

On Oct. 27, 1947, Indian troops positioned themselves in Kashmir’s largest city, Srinagar, after India and Pakistan gained their independence from British colonial rule. The anniversary of this Indian action is observed by Pakistanis and Kashmiris as “Black Day”. Noting that Jammu and Kashmir are now one of the most militarized zones in the world with up to 900.000 Indian soldiers there.

Several resolutions were adopted on Kashmir, favourable to Kashmiris aspirations, which were accepted both by India and Pakistan. One of them called for ceasefire as a first step to resolving Kashmir dispute permanently and called upon the Parties that the future status of Jammu and Kashmir shall be determined in accordance with the will of the people of Kashmir. The UN Resolution of January 5, 1949 provided that the Kashmir dispute will be decided through free and impartial plebiscite. However, India later reneged on its international obligations and refused to implement the UN resolutions on Kashmir.


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