Justice/ Corruption: 10 years in prison requested against former wali of Skikda


ALGIERS- The Public Prosecutor at the Financial and Economic Criminal Pole of the Tribunal of Sidi M’hamed (Algiers) requested, Wednesday, a sentence of ten (10) years in prison and a fine of one million dinars against the former wali of Skikda Fouzi Belhacine, prosecuted for offenses linked to corruption.

The nine others co-defendants in this case headed by the head of the daïra of Skikda Antri Azzedine and the former president of the APC of the same city Kamel Tebbouche were sentenced to terms ranging from five (5) to eight (8) years in prison.

The former wali of Skilkda and the other co-defendants are being prosecuted for offenses related to corruption.


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