“Algerian President Tebboune may visit Russia before end of year” – Russian Ambassador


ALGIERS- Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune may pay a visit to Russia before the end of 2022, as declared, on September 8, by the Russian Ambassador in Algiers Valeryan Shuvayev.

“A fundamental decision was made to carry out the visit of president Tebboune to Russia before the end of the year,” Shuvayev told reporters.

Referring, in his first media appearance at the headquarters of his country’s embassy in Algeria, to “a fundamental decision”, Valerian Shuvayev also mentioned “important events” which are expected in relations between the two countries by the end of the year.

Recalling that the invitation to visit Russia was made in 2020 by Vladimir Putin during his meeting with his Algerian counterpart on the sidelines of the international conference on Libya in Berlin.

During his visit to Algiers last July, Sergei Lavrov reiterated this invitation from the Russian President.

In a related context, he added that Moscow does not object to Algeria’s desire to join the BRICS group, adding that Tebboune had sent a letter to his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, on the issue of Algiers’ accession.

President Tebboune expressed the North African country’s willingness to join the BRICS group, which includes the world’s largest economies outside the Western system. President Tabboune said that “it is possible to join the BRICS group given that it is an “economic and political power that includes Russia and China”.

The BRICS group also includes the major emerging economies of Brazil, India and South Africa.

“The BRICS interest us” as an alternative to traditional power centres, President Tebboune said in a televised interview. “They constitute an economic and political force.”

Algeria meets, to a large extent, conditions to join BRICS:

He underlined that there was no need to “get ahead of things” but promised “good news”.

The president added that his North African country meets “a good part” of the economic criteria for joining the bloc.

BRICS members currently account for nearly a quarter of the world’s gross domestic product.


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