Tourism in Algeria/ Beaches of Tlemcen: Up to 2 million summer visitors in June, July


TLEMCEN – Nearly two million summer visitors were recorded on the beaches of the wilaya of Tlemcen during the months of June and July, said the Wilaya’s Department of Civil Protection.

During the months of June and July, the civil protection services recorded an influx of 1,941,300 summer visitors to 10 supervised beaches in the wilaya, the information officer, Lieutenant Djamila Abboudi told APS.

In addition, three cases of drowning were recorded out of the 804 rescue interventions where first aid was provided to summer visitors, some of whom were evacuated to the health centers closest to the beaches, she explained.

The Directorate of Civil Protection of Tlemcen has scheduled awareness campaigns through the beaches, for the benefit of monitoring center managers and seasonal agents, in addition to the organization of outings to the beaches of Tafsout and Agla under the commune of Honaïne, to make summer visitors aware of the possible dangers in these two beaches and in the rocky areas, the same source pointed out.

Other on-site outings are scheduled to target the beaches of Aïn Adjroud, Marsa Ben M’hidi and BIeder attached to the municipalities of Marsa Ben M’hidi and M’Sirdi El Faga in order to raise awareness among summer visitors about food poisoning, dangers of sunstroke and risky swimming, indicated the oficial.


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