Algeria, Hungary agree to develop partnership in Agriculture


ALGIERS-Minister of Water Resources and Water Security, Karim Hasni, and Hungary’s Minister of Agriculture, Istvan Nagy, agreed on a series of actions aimed at developing the bilateral partnership in the field of Agriculture, Algeria’s embassy in Budapest announced, Tuesday, in a communiqué.

Mr. Hasni held a meeting with Mr. Nagy on the sidelines of his participation in the Budapest Summit on Water and Sustainable Development, being held from November 29 to December 4, alongside an exhibition of more than one hundred operators, specified the same source.

The meeting between the two ministers, held in the presence of the Algerian Ambassador to Hungary, Ali Mokrani, constituted an opportunity ” to exchange the possibilities of cooperation in the fields of irrigation.”

To this end, the two ministers agreed “on a series of actions to be undertaken in the future, with the aim of promoting the partnership between the companies of the two countries and exchanging national experiences of agricultural development, the transformation of agricultural products, as well as in the field of Research / Development “according to the press release.

Mr. Hasni referred to the objectives of the Algerian water and agricultural policy aimed at the development of national capacities in terms of sectoral diversification, creating wealth for national needs, the promotion of exports, as well as the attractiveness of productive investments “.

In addition, Mr. Hasni held a series of meetings with Hungarian officials active in the sectors of irrigation, in the presence of the heads of the group “Cosider Canalisation” and “Sogewit”, the statement pointed out.

The Algerian delegation, also, attended the opening ceremony of the Summit and the exhibition of “Planet Budapest”, hosted by the President of the Republic of Hungary, Janos Ader, his Polish counterpart, as well as the Secretaries General from the UN and the OECD, who intervened by videoconference.

Mr. Hasni is expected to meet the Hungarian interior minister, who is responsible for the water sector, with whom a Memorandum of Understanding will be signed, and is also expected to meet with the government commissioner of “Budapest Planet”.


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