School year 2021-2022: Over 10 million students to return to classrooms Tuesday


ALGIERS- Over 10 million students (all levels included) will return to classrooms, today, Tuesday, Sep 21st, 2021, following the start of the school year 2021-2022 which will take place in full compliance with the health protocol put in place by the Education Ministry to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Within the framework of the group system, the ministry has introduced some modifications, in particular concerning the hourly volume which goes from 45 minutes to one (1) hour.

According to a correspondence addressed to the General Inspectorate of Pedagogy, a plan has been drawn up for this purpose, providing for a reduction of courses for all cycles of education with the exception of classes of exams.

The groups will be divided into sub-groups comprising between 20 and 24 pupils each, with the exception of groups with less than 24 pupils as is the case for the foreign languages, mathematics and technical maths streams. The subjects with practical work and tutorial are not affected by the group system.


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