Rainfall deficit of 20 to 30% over last three years


ALGIERS- Algeria has recorded a rainfall deficit of 20 to 30% in the last three years, making essential the option of sea water desalination, the minister of Water Resources, Mustapha Kamel Mihoubi, said Monday in Algiers.

Speaking to the Algerian national radio/ Channel 3, the Minister pointed out that all regions of the country have experienced a rainfall deficit since last year with the exception of the East region which experienced a surplus of 2%, according to the APS report.

Indeed, for the period from September to April, it was recorded for the West region 225 millimeters (mm) of precipitation, that is to say -28% compared to the average of the last twenty years, while the Center-West recorded 212 mm (-42%), 375 mm, for the Center-East region (-26%) and 598 mm (+ 2%).

Regarding the filling rate of dams, the Minister indicated that for the West, this rate is 28%, 21% for the center, 28% for Chelif and 67% for the East, i.e. a national filling rate standing at 44%.

Doubling the number of seawater desalination plants
The Minister, thus, pleaded for the mobilization of the necessary means and the redoubling of efforts in terms of the construction of seawater desalination stations (SDEM).

The outlook for the sector’s strategy includes doubling the number of SDEMs and achieving by 2030 2 billion m3 of unconventional water production, he said, also raising the possibility of certain capacity expansion. existing stations.

For example, the capacities of the El Hamma station (Algiers) should be strengthened soon to reach 240,000 m3 / day against 200,000 m3 / day currently.

Currently, the country has 11 SDEMs producing 2.1 million m3 / day, or nearly 770 million m3 / year.

Regarding the financing of new SDEM projects, Mr. Mihoubi stressed that it will be done according to new financial arrangements.

“An interministerial committee bringing together representatives of the Ministries of Water Resources and Energy as well as experts, is currently working on new financing formulas, since the old formula was not as convincing”, he declared.

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