Arkab: 8th OPEC, non-OPEC Ministerial Meeting was very important


ALGIERS- Energy Minister Mohamed Arkab, chairman of the Opec conference said Friday from Vienna that the 8th non-Opec Opec ministerial meeting had been “very important,” the ministry said in a statement.

According to the same source, the members agreed at the end of this meeting to continue to follow developments in the oil market and the consequences of the coronavirus epidemic.

They, also, agreed to maintain the framework for consultation and dialogue of the Declaration of Cooperation established by the agreement of December 10, 2016, in particular the Joint Ministerial Committee Opec-Non-Opec and the Joint Technical Committee, added the same release.

Cooperation is, therefore, maintained and consultations will be more intense in an attempt to reconcile points of view, it said.

The Minister of Energy added that Algeria has an “important role” to play as president of OPEC. It will continue to promote concertation between all countries and to seek consensual solutions capable of ensuring the stability of the oil market.



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