Down Syndrome Children: Call for special class’ opening at each level of country’s Daïra


Algeria- The vice-president of the National Association for down syndrome children’s integration at School and Profession (ANIT), Mrs. Merzouki Radia, called on the public authorities to guarantee special classes for this category of people with specific needs through all the Daïras.

In a statement to (APS), the day before the celebration of the Down Syndrome’s International Day, Mrs. Merzouki said that despite the opening of a large number of classes in public schools, of which 48 in Algiers , this number is insufficient because it does not cover all the daïras, that puts the parents face a serious problem of transport.

In this sense, the official called on public authorities “to take into account this category of people with specific needs when building schools in the future”.

Created in 1992 and present in country’s 20 provinces, (ANIT) supports 1 500 children with Down Syndrome in Algiers, said the same official, specifying that their number reaches 12 per class, supervised by specialists in speech therapy, psychology and adapted teaching.

Samira SALAH



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