Algeria: 3 caches of terrorists discovered and destroyed in Batna- statement


A detachment of the National People’s Army (NPA) discovered and destroyed, on Monday October 23th, 3 casemates of terrorists, in the province of Batna, containing food stuffs, while one homemade bomb was destroyed by Army in the province of Ain Defla” said a statement from the Ministry of Defense on Tuesday.

As part of the fight against smuggling and organized crime, detachments of the NPA have arrested, in El Oued, Tamanrasset and Bordj Badji Mokhtar, 13 smugglers and seized two 2 all-terrain vehicles, 10 metal detectors, 1380 liters of fuel, 2 satellite telephones and 4406 tobacco bags, while elements of the National Gendarmerie have arrested 4 drug traffickers and seized 14.3 kilograms of hashish in Tlemcen and Biskra, according to the same source.



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