Number of visas granted by Hungary to the Algerians has “quadrupled” in recent months


The number of visas granted by Hungary to the Algerians has “quadrupled” in recent months, as it has become an “increasingly popular” destination for tourists, professionals and students, according to a statement, issued by Embassy of Hungary on Wednesday.

“Member State of the Schengen area, Hungary is a destination more and more appreciated by Algerian travelers and tourists, professionals, students …” said the same source on the occasion of the visit of the Hungarian Ambassador, Ms Helga Katalin, taken at the central offices of VFS Global, the agency that handles the majority of visa applications for this Central European country.

In this regard, the embassy reminds us that it is “eleven months that an Air Algeria line directly serves Budapest, and meanwhile the number of visas granted by Hungary to Algerians has quadrupled”.

The airline of transports’ company has been inaugurated, it is recalled, on September 16, 2016.

In addition, “the Ambassador’s visit provided an opportunity to discuss with VFS Global Regional Director, Mr Nabil Hamidoun and introduce Mrs Adrienn Kézsmarki, Deputy Head of Mission for Consular Affairs, newly arrived at the Embassy, ​​”the source added.


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