Algeria’s MPs adopt the ordinance for the lifting of the state of emergency

    •    The National Popular Assembly (ANP) has also passed two ordinances decided by President Abdelaziz Bouteflika on Feb. 23: one relating to the participation of the National Popular Army (ANP) to "rescue missions of public order outside emergency situations", i.e the intervention of the army for offenses as terrorist and subversive acts.

         The other order, relating to the Code of Criminal Procedure, replaces administrative detention by placing under house arrest as determined by a judge for a period of three months, renewable twice.

         Members of the Presidential Alliance: National Liberation Front (FLN), National Democratic Rally (RND) and Movement for the Society for Peace (MSP) – have 249 MPs out of a total of 389.

         Absent from the meeting, members of the opposition Rally for Culture and Democracy (RCD, 19 seats) and the Algerian National Front (FNA, 15 members) have not participated in the vote. They recently announced that they "suspended" participation in the activities of both Houses of Parliament.

         A query of the opposition, meeting in the National Coordination for Change and Democracy (NCCD), which tried several demonstrations in Algiers and Oran, where it is forbidden, was the lifting of the state emergency.
      Ennaharonline/ M. O.


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