BAC_BEM: “No delay will be tolerated”, notifies Education Minister


Algeria- No delay will be tolerated in the BEM and BAC exams. The Minister of National Education, Nouria Benghabrit, claimed that the laggards will be excluded.

“Pupils who arrive late at the examination centers by 5 minutes must “shoulder their responsibilities”, she warned.
Meanwhile, Ms. Benghabrit insisted on the respect for time and called on teachers to  to raise pupils’ awareness in this regard.

In order to avoid the exclusion, the Minister called the baccalaureate candidates and their parents to go to the examination centers before the exam date, so they know where they are and how long they need to avoid delays and problems last year.

The first person in charge of the sector assured, in addition, that the subjects of the baccalaureate exams scheduled for June 19th will focus on the courses that are broadcasted and taught in class, while noting that the curricula and courses will be completed in due time, ie before the white baccalaureate exam.

Samira SALAH



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