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Stars of the national football and Ramadan


Yacine Bezzaz (Strasbourg): The presence of my family makes "Chorba" most delicious. The attacker of National football as well as of the French club of Strasbourg, Yacine Bezzaz said that after many years spent in France; he had been used to spend the month of Ramadan away from the family, adding that the sacred month has a particular flavour in Algeria.

  • Our interlocutor, however, recognized that the first years were difficult for him, given the change of environment and the fact of being far away from the family. This year, the family will be present with him and he will spend this month in an atmosphere of warmth and conviviality, especially that his wife is Algerian.

    On a question about his favourite dishes during Ramadan, Yacine did not hesitate to tell us that he loves all what his wife prepares. "I am not one of those who require particular dishes during Ramadan," he said. However, Yacine has a weakness for "Chorba" which he considers one of the best dishes of Ramadan. An essential dish, he said.

    Bezzaz recognizes that fasting cause serious problems at the French championship and that it nearly ended his career. During Ramadan, Bezzaz is deprived of his position in the team.

    Rafik Djabour (Greece):

    Another Algerian football star. Rafik Djabour said for his part that the match against Zambia on 06 September in Blida during Ramadan will allow discovering the taste of this holy month. However, he acknowledged that the match in Ramadan will require special preparation to enable the player to adapt to this situation.

    But there is the ambiance of the country in this special month. The particularity of the sporting public will make this meeting a particular meeting and an atmosphere that will boost the players to propel towards the World Cup in South Africa.

    Rafik Djabour, like Yacine Bezzaz, has no particular choice of dishes in terms of Ramadan. He eats everything he finds before him. "Ramadan is the month of piety, month of prayer and reconciliation with God and not the month of food" he said.

    Mourad Meghni (Lazio Roma): often spends Ramadan abroad.

    We have been unable to get in touch with Mourad. His brother Saïd informed us that he always spends Ramadan away from family. But since he got married, he spends it with his small family. Mourad, according to his brother, loves pastes since his stay in Italy. He loves spaghetti and macaroni that he discovered and appreciated in Italy.

    Mourad will be the new discovery of the national team at the next meeting against Zambia on 06 September.

    Farid Ghazi, the striker of National team. He plays also with the French club of Troy, where his career has stalled because of Ramadan. He said the main reason for this was the electric atmosphere with his trainer Alain Perrin. Fasting was not the cause itself, since he accomplished his duty on the field as it should be with the recognition of the coach himself.

    The coach wakes him for the S'hour at 05 o'clock in the morning he and Saïfi who played with him, before turning against him because of fasting, which was an argument to dismiss him.

    About his favourite dishes during the holy month of Ramadan, he tells us that this month is a month of prayer and spirituality. Farid took the opportunity to perform his duty of Muslims. However, he admits that his best dish during Ramadan is Chorba with bourek.

    Ennahar / Yacine A.

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ilyes on 28 August, 2009 07:03:01
our players are very strict in the religious side especially fasting in holy ramadan so i wish them " siyem makboul " and good luck in their term
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