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Al-Qaeda supports the events in Tunisia and Algeria


Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) has called on demonstrators to extend their movements in Tunisia and Algeria to overthrow the governments in place and institute Sharia law, reported Thursday the U.S. service monitoring Islamist websites SITE.

  •    In a 13-minute video, the leader of AQIM, Abu Musab Abdul Wadud, suggests to Tunisian dissidents, who have been demonstrating for a month: "send us your son so that they receive military training", SITE reported.
  •    "We offer our support and our comfort and our help in your distress and your uprising," said Islamist leader.
  •    Abu Musab Abdul Wadud called Tunisians to rise throughout the country against "the corrupt, criminal and tyrannical" in place in Tunis and establish Islamic law, (Sharia).
  •    "But we will sooner or later retaliate against your torturers and their masters," he threatened.
  •    Deadly clashes between protesters and police took place on Thursday in Tunis and its suburbs as part of an unprecedented challenge to the regime, which has caused 66 fatalities in one month according to a human rights NGO's.
  •    President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali pledged Thursday to step down after his term in 2014 and ordered the end of the shots against the protesters, hoping to calm the rioters.
  •    About events in Algeria, the leader of Al Qaeda described them as "predictable, honorable and positive" and said they could achieve their goals by the overthrow of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.
  •    He accused Algeria of having "sold the country, the people driven to poverty and spread corruption." Algerian leaders "have stolen money from the country and have shared with their French and American masters," he said.
  •    "We will avenge you and we will keep in your ranks with our guns against criminals and apostates," threatened Abu Musab Abdul Wadud.
  •    Riots in Algeria have killed five people last week by several witnesses but calm has returned after a fall in prices of food products ordered by the authority.
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