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Libya: Toubou rebels engage in battle against Gaddafi

  •    A group of Toubous rebels, minority in the south, attacked the town of Morzuk Wednesday, in the desert region of Fezzan, the centerpiece in the device of Gaddafi and main logistics line linking Tripoli to southwest border.
  •    Morzuk was Thursday under the control of the rebels, who claim to have seized military equipment, killed a dozen government soldiers and captured five officers.
  •    This information has not been confirmed in an area cut off from the world, more than a thousand miles from Tripoli, away from the front lines on the shores of the Mediterranean.
  •    But the action is important in a region - Fezzan - at the crossroads to Niger, Chad and Algeria. This vital communication node, organized around the regional capital Sabha, is a centrepiece of Gaddafi device, where his tribe - the Guedadfa - plays a key political and economic role.
  •    Toubou group calls itself "Battalion, Desert Shield" and is directed by Barka Wardougou, according to one of its representatives in Benghazi (east).
  •    Mid-June, its elements briefly took control of al-Qatroun further south they were evacuated shortly after the pressure of reinforcements from Sebah.
  •    Present in northern Niger and especially the Tibesti of Chad, Libyan Toubou are located mainly around the oasis of al-Qatroun southwest, and southeast of Kufra.
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