March in Madrid for self-determination referendum in Western Sahara


Madrid, (SPS) – The Spanish Coordination of Associations in Solidarity with Western Sahara (CEAS-Sahara) called, Saturday, during a large march organized in Madrid, for the holding “without delay” of a referendum on self- determination in the Sahrawi territories occupied by Morocco.

Organized under the slogan: “They will not silence us, Sahara free now, the only solution is self-determination”, the march took place from Calle Atocha to the Plaza de Santa Ana in the Spanish capital.

The demonstrators, who walked through the streets of Madrid, carried banners that read “Free Sahara” and “Human rights now”.

In a speech at the end of the event, the president of CEAS-Sahara, Xavier Serra, indicated that the objective of this march is “to demand the organization without delay of a referendum on self-determination in Western Sahara, to denounce the exploitation of natural resources of the Sahrawi territories through illegal agreements between the European Union and Morocco, and demand the direct involvement of the Spanish government in the resolution of this conflict in a fair and definitive way.

Mr. Serra stressed, moreover, that the ECAS-Sahara rejected Madrid’s decision to support the sinister Moroccan plan for “autonomy” in Western Sahara, affirming that “this decision, in addition to being unjust, deliberately ignores the duty and responsibility of Spain as an administering power”.

He added, “it is a decision contrary to international law and to the will of the majority of Spanish citizens who demand for the Saharawi people the effective exercise of their inalienable right to self-determination”.

He called for a mobilization to “force the government to reverse this decision and thus repair so many years of suffering that are currently unjustly caused by the occupation, repression and exile of the Saharawi people”.

It should be noted that this march was organized on the occasion of the 47th anniversary of the signing of the tripartite agreements of Madrid, which had established the illegal partition of the territory of Western Sahara, occupied since 1975 by Morocco.


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