Algeria’s gas supply to Italy to hit 25 billion m3 by year-end


ALGIERS-Algeria, which is bound by “privileged” relations with Italy, intends to increase its gas supply to the European country to more than 25 billion m3 by the end of the year, said the Ministry of Energy and Mines in a statement.

The latest meetings between the both countries’ Presidents, the Algerian Abdelmadjid Tebboune, and the Italian Sergio Matarrela and the President of the Council of Ministers of Italy, Mr. Mario Draghi sealed the energy partnership between the two countries.

Thus, with 17.8 billion m3 of gas delivered to date, Algeria which “honors its commitments with Italy” consolidates its position as Italy’s leading gas supplier, which “will still receive 10 billion cubic meters of additional gas” in the coming months, specified the same source.

With the increases in gas production, and the latest discoveries from Sonatrach, Algeria “will further strengthen its position as Italy’s leading gas supplier, as decided by the two presidents”, the statement pointed out.


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