Khellaf installs new Mediator of Republic Madjid Ammour


ALGIERS- Director of Cabinet to the Presidency of the Republic Abdelaziz Khellaf, on Sunday, installed Madjid Ammour as the new Mediator of the Republic in replacement of Brahim Merad, appointed by President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune, Minister of Interior, Local Assemblies and National Planning under the recent cabinet reshuffle.

In his speech during the installation ceremony, Mr. Khellaf highlighted the “important” role devolved to the Mediator of the Republic, called upon to seek solutions to the problems “by all means, innovative or traditional”.

He welcomed, in this vein, the efforts made in recent months by the Mediator of the Republic under the direction of Mr. Brahim Merad, “which has earned the institution esteem and consideration”.

He also took the opportunity to congratulate Mr. Merad for the work accomplished at the head of the Mediator of the Republic, and for the confidence placed in his person by the President of the Republic following his appointment as Minister of the Interior, a mission whose objectives are close to those of the role of Mediator of the Republic.

For his part, the new Mediator of the Republic affirmed his commitment to work “fairly and effectively to live up to the heavy mission of taking care of the concerns of citizens and preserving their rights”, addressing, at the same time, his thanks to the President of the Republic for the trust he has placed in him.

Mr. Ammour therefore called on all the executives of the Mediation of the Republic “to continue their efforts, even to redouble them, under an innovative approach allowing the Mediation to fully accomplish its missions”, urging them “to contribute to the generalization of the mechanisms of fight against bureaucracy and to the improvement of the level of the services provided by the various public structures, in addition to the consecration of good governance”.

For his part, the former Mediator of the Republic, Brahim Merad, indicated that the body of the Mediator of the Republic “despite the difficult conditions that surrounded its launch, succeeded in imposing itself brilliantly within the institutional fabric of the Algerian State through an optimal management of the concerns of the citizens”.

The President of the Republic had appointed, last Tuesday, Mr. Madjid Ammour, Mediator of the Republic to replace Mr. Brahim Merad.

Responsible in several wilayas of the country, Mr. Ammour joined the Presidency of the Republic as a research and synthesis officer (CES) before being appointed SG of the services of the Mediator of the Republic.


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