Algeria/Mauritania: Implementation protocol for construction of road linking Tindouf to Zouerate


NOUAKCHOTT- The Ministry of Public Works, Hydraulics and Infrastructures affirmed, Sunday, the full availability of Algeria for the realization of the road project linking Tindouf to Zouerate (Mauritania) over a distance of 773 km.

The two parties have agreed to a protocol implementing the memorandum of understanding for this project.

On the sidelines of the 19th session of the Algerian-Mauritanian Joint Commission for Cooperation, the Director of Roads and Highways at the Ministry of Public Works, Hydraulics and Infrastructure, Sonia Adafer, said that the two parties have agreed on an executive protocol for the memorandum of understanding signed last December, relating to the construction of the road linking Tindouf and Zouerate.

In this regard, she said that “Algeria is fully prepared to carry out this vital project, both for the related studies and the list of companies to which this mission will be assigned”.

This achievement, the financing and follow-up of which are provided by the Algerian State represented by the Algerian Agency for International Cooperation, should gradually increase the volume of Algerian-Mauritanian economic cooperation, with the aim to achieve an economic dynamic in addition to the development of the border areas between the two countries, provided that the right to manage the road after its completion, according to the legal regime of concession, is granted to the benefit of the Algerian part for a period of ten (10) years after its entry into service.

The construction of this road is of strategic and geopolitical importance for the Mauritanian side, because it places this country at the heart of the two corridors (Cairo-Dakar) and (Algiers-Dakar) and allows it to have a road link with three Maghreb States (Algeria, Tunisia and Libya), which is thus part of the intense steps taken by Algeria to move towards an Arab Maghreb connected at all levels.

It should be recalled that the memorandum of understanding which was signed last December, comes as a concrete expression of the political will to further strengthen bilateral cooperation relations, expressed by the leaders of the two countries during the State visit carried out, at the end of December in Algiers, by the Mauritanian President, Mr. Mohamed Ould Cheikh El-Ghazaouani.


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