Zionist Entity investigates reported sexual assault scandal at Zionist representation in Morocco

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ALGIERS- The Zionist Entity has summoned its ambassador to Morocco, David Govrin, over accusations of sexual assault and corruption, Zionist media outlets have reported.

“The ambassador to Morocco [has been recalled] due to allegations of sexual abuse, harassment and corruption,” Zionist newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported on Tuesday.

In a related context, the Zionist Entity’s Foreign Ministry sent a team to investigate severe irregularities, including sexual assault scandal at the Zionist Liaison Office in Morocco.

The Ministry’s Inspector General Hagay Behar arrived in Morocco after severe complaints about the malfunctioning of the mission, chaired by David Govrin. Among the accusations brought against the representation in Morocco are sexual harassment, exploiting Moroccan women and the exchange of gifts, involving the Zionist Ambassador David Govrin who would remain in the Zionist Entity pending the results of the investigation as explained by the newspaper.

The Zionist Ynet website reported that Behar held, last week, meetings with the embassy’ staff to look into the reported accusations. Thereafter, 04 employees were fired, three of them were reportedly Moroccan Jews employed in the liaison office as local employees. The fourth member is a Zionist diplomat with Moroccan and French citizenship who resigned and returned to Paris.

According to the Zionist B channel, the most serious complaint was that “a senior Zionist official” at the mission had sexually exploited several moroccan women. Thence, the team is investigating the behavior of Ambassador Govrin, 58, who is a fluent Arabic speaker and previously served as the Ambassador to Egypt from 2016 to 2020, before being appointed ambassador to Morocco in August 2021.

Besides, and according to The Times of « Israel », one of the matters under investigation is the theft of a “precious gift” sent by the King of Morocco on the so-called “the Zionist Independence Day”. Regularly, the gifts sent to the Embassy would be registered and turned over to the government, however, the item in question disappeared with no record. Furthermore, the public broadcaster KAN also referred to another strange story concerning businessman Sami Cohen who officially hosted activities for senior Zionist officials in Morocco. The team is investigating the involvement of Sami Cohen in hosting official events for senior Zionist officials. Cohen attended meetings bringing under one roof Zionists politicians, including the Zionist interior minister Ayelet Shaked and justice minister Gideon Sa’ar. He was present in the ministers’ meetings in Rabat, without holding any official position in the Zionist Entity.
The team dispatched to Morocco was also investigating a reported feud between Govrin and the mission’s security officer.
The investigation was launched, noteworthy, following information leaked, last June, by media regarding the exploitation of Moroccan women working at the office by a senior Zionist officials.

Morocco has yet to react to the scandal. If the allegations prove to be true, a serious diplomatic incident in relations between the Zionist Entity and Morocco could be sparked.

Morocco, whose king is the Chairman of the El-Quds Committee, normalized its relations with the Zionist Entity on December 10, 2020, in exchange for the recognition by former US President Donald Trump of the kingdom’s alleged “sovereignty” over Western Sahara.
This barter was strongly condemned throughout the world and especially by the Moroccan people who took to the streets for several days to express their rejection of this agreement, demonstrations often repressed by the regime in place.

It is worth mentioning that for decades, relations between Morocco and the Zionist Entity have always been more than just cordial. Although Morocco did not formally recognize the entity until the Abraham Accords, it maintained informal ties with it. Oobservers consider 2020 normalization as a resume of relations as this latter date back to the 1960s, during the reign of the late King Hassan II. Relations were marked by the immigration of Moroccan Jews to the Zionist Entity and meetings between officials from the two sides. Noting that Morocco was home to the largest Jewish community in the Arab world, most of them came from Spain after the 1491 expulsion by the Spanish Catholic monarchy.

Morocco, which took the train of normalization, is experiencing an unprecedented rush with the Zionist entity. A range of agreements were signed between the North African country and the Zionist Entity.
The two sides inked an agreement that will allow direct flights. Senior Advisor to the U.S. President Jared Kushner and the Zionist Entity’s National Security Advisor Meir Ben-Shabbat were among the high-level officials on board the flight.

On 25 July 2021, two Zionist carriers launched direct commercial flights to Marrakesh from Tel Aviv. On 11 August 2021, both sides signed three accords on political consultations, aviation and culture. In November 2021, Morocco and the Zionist Entity signed a defense agreement. Besides, both sides inked a formal cybersecurity agreement to share information, research, and development on cyber warfare. On August 11, Zionist Foreign Minister Yair Lapid visited Morocco, signaling that his government is placing its relationship with Morocco high on its agenda.
In short, Morocco is accelerating the pace of its embrace of the usurping entity in security, militarily, politically, economically and commercially as well.


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