Gas: EU orders Sapin “to relaunch energy dialogue with Algeria”


ALGIERS- The real threat that Putin poses to Europe through a total cut off of Russian gas supplies forces the EU to look for alternatives.

The energy tension in Europe has led the EU to order member states to “relaunch the energy dialogue with Algeria”, Spanish daily Libremercado reported.

Brussels wants gas sources at all costs in the face of the threat of a total cut in supply from Russia.

Italy is the most advanced country in its relations with the former Spanish partner and plans to develop gas pipelines to transport this gas to Europe.

The measure is part of the REPowerEU plan. Europe wants to “build mutually beneficial long-term cooperation, promoting renewable energy, increasing energy efficiency worldwide and cooperating in green technologies and innovation”, according to the same media.

In addition, “the new EU energy platform will play a key role in pooling demand, coordinating the use of infrastructure, negotiating with international partners and preparing joint purchases of gas and hydrogen”. To this end, a series of “actions” will be developed.

The first action consists of the “increased deliveries of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the United States and Canada and by pipeline and LNG from Norway”. The second action is to “intensify cooperation with Azerbaijan, especially in the southern gas corridor”.

The third one is to reach “political agreements with gas suppliers, such as; Egypt to increase LNG supply”.

As for the fourth point, it is directed to Pedro Sánchez: “Relaunch the energy dialogue with Algeria”.


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