National awareness campaign launched on proper LPGc use, number of vehicles converted to date revealed


BLIDA-The National Company for the Marketing and Distribution of Petroleum Products (Naftal) launched, on Saturday, a national campaign to raise awareness among drivers about the proper use of liquefied petroleum gas-fuel (LPGc), the official agency reported on Sunday.

The national awareness campaign was launched from the service station of Sidi El-Kebir in Meftah (Blida), under the supervision of the CEO of Naftal, Mourad Menouar and in the presence of directors and executives of the company as well as representatives of several national consumer protection and road safety associations.

This initiative, which also involves the services of the National Delegation for Road Safety (DNSR) under the Ministry of the Interior and Local Assemblies, aims to raise awareness among LPGc users of the dangers that may arise in the event of poor use of this fuel and non-compliance with precautionary measures.

On this occasion, Mr. Menouar said that this campaign was part of Naftal’s efforts to reduce the risks associated with the use of this type of fuel, as well as raise awareness to the need to respect security procedures.

The company has taken all the necessary measures to carry out this national campaign which will see, he explained, other similar events in several wilayas in order to provide explanations on the use of LPGc and the maintenance of equipment.

For him, Naftal remains an active element in the supply chain of this clean and economical fuel, as part of the strategy drawn up by the State to generalize its use as an alternative fuel to conventional gasoline.

Given the number of vehicles converted to LPG in the country, which is currently estimated at 660,000 vehicles, at a rate of 20,000 to 25,000/year, Naftal aims to increase this figure to one million vehicles in the future, said its CEO.


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