Heatwave: Sonelgaz expects electricity consumption records


ALGIERS- As the heatwave continues in several wilayas, the Sonelgaz group expects to record high figures in terms of electricity consumption rates due to the high use of air conditioners.

Sonelgaz confirmed the availability and mobilization of all its teams to provide electricity, calling on citizens to respect special procedures to reduce electricity consumption, especially during peak hours.

At the end of last July, the Sonelgaz group recorded an unprecedented record in terms of electricity consumption, reaching more than 16,000 megawatts.

The group’s spokesman, Khalil Hedna, confirmed, in a statement to Radio Chaîne 3, that the Sonelgaz group had recorded a historic record consumption estimated at 16,666 megawatts at the end of last July.

Mr. Hedna pointed out that “despite the high demand from the network, we did not register any power outages or accidents, and this is due to the great control of the loads by the system operator”.


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