Vegetable seeds: “Algeria to phase out import,” Premier declares


ALGIERS – The Prime Minister, Mr. Aïmene Benabderrahmane announced, Thursday in Algiers, that Algeria will phase out the import of market gardening seeds as of next year.

Speaking on the sidelines of the inauguration ceremony of the National Seed Bank, Mr. Benabderrahmane highlighted the importance of raising awareness among all agricultural operators about Algeria’s decision to wean itself off vegetable seeds’ import.

“This decision is not motivated by a lack of financial resources, but rather by the need to put an end to the consumption of Algerian energies, especially since the institutes and universities train a large number of students in various agricultural specialties,” explained the Minister.

It is therefore important, continued Mr. Benabderrahmane, to “promote Algerian skills and the efforts of the State in terms of agricultural training, in particular by limiting imports.”

In a related context, the Prime Minister underlined the importance of the National Seed Bank to ensure the food security of the country.

“The realization of the National Seed Bank is historic for Algeria and a cornerstone to ensure the food security of the country,” he said, calling, in this aspect, all actors to deploy concerted efforts to achieve this goal.

“Within the framework of the new geostrategic conditions, Algeria is in the process of taking promising steps to ensure food security, and therefore “the country should be an important player in world markets, just as before, as “it was ‘the granary of Europe’,” highlighted the Premier.

He further noted that Algeria imports 10 billion dollars worth of our daily food.

On another level, the Prime Minister indicated that the national plan for the prevention and control of forest fires for the current year 2022 is working “very effectively”.

During a visit to the exhibition pavilions on the sidelines of the inauguration ceremony, the Prime Minister explained that the effectiveness of the device is demonstrated in the significant reduction and control of fires at the national level compared to last year.

In this vein, he recommended that the high level of vigilance be maintained until the end of the cereal harvest campaign, slated for September.

“The Plan will continue to operate effectively and proactively, even beyond the month of September, to protect plant cover and agricultural crops in general, and reassure the farmer at the same time”, added the Prime Minister.

“The device will continue to operate effectively and proactively, even after September, to protect plant fauna and agricultural crops in general, and to particularly ensure the safety of the farmer”, specified the Prime Minister.


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