Sonelgaz CEO: “Algeria ready to increase electricity exported to Tunisia, project under study for Italy”


EL-BAYADH- Chairman and CEO of Sonelgaz group, Mourad Adjal announced, Monday in the province of El-Bayadh, that Algeria was ready to increase the amount of electricity to Tunisia in case of additional demand.

In a statement to APS on the sidelines of a working session with central executives of the Sonelgaz group and local authorities to inquire about the situation of the energy sector in the wilaya of El-Bayadh, Mr. Adjal said that “Algeria, which exports, daily, more than 500 megawatts of electric energy to sisterly Tunisia, is ready to increase the quantities of electricity exported in the event of an increase in demand”.

The same official also announced a project currently under study, related to the export of electricity to Italy.

The CEO of Sonelgaz affirmed that the group has acquired great experience, particularly in the field of training, which has enabled it to be present in 10 African countries to supervise the training of executives in the field of electricity and some gas.


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