Olive oil: Algerian olive grower wins 2nd gold medal at international competition in Dubai


ALGIERS- An Algerian olive grower from Aïn Oussara (Djelfa) was awarded for the second time at the Dubai International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition (United Arab Emirates), grabbing his second gold medal in 2022 in this competition.

After his first gold medal, won last February, during the Dubai International Olive Oil Competition (Dubai Olive Oil Competition +DOOC+), the producer, Hakim Alileche, owner of the “Dahbia” brand, was awarded a second gold medal on July 30.

In a statement to APS, Mr. Alileche said that this new gold medal was awarded to him “on the basis of the same oil submitted for analysis last February before a jury composed of experts of several nationalities.”

“The oil remained intact after five months, which allowed him to snatch this second medal,” the organizer explained.

Congratulating himself for having won this gold medal a second time, this olive grower indicated that this success demonstrates the “irreproachable” quality of Algerian olive oil.

“This proves that Algerian olive growers have great expertise in cold crushing olives to obtain extra-virgin olive oil,” he said.

“To participate in such international competitions, producers should meet certain quality criteria, dictated by the International Olive Council”, he recalled, specifying that “the product is subject to physicochemical and microbiological analyses”.

Regarding the marketing of “Dahbia” olive oil, the olive grower explained that it is a “top-of-the-range product that is not found in supermarkets, but rather on the shelves of delicatessens, on electronic platforms or even at certain airports”.

He also showed his ambition to market this product internationally.

In addition to its use in the food field, this oil is “highly demanded” in the pharmaceutical industries for the production of food supplements from its molecules known for their invaluable virtues, he said.

As a reminder, this olive grower, specializing in the organic farming category, started in the Hauts Plateaux region about twenty years ago.

He currently has an orchard of over 40 hectares in the Benhar region of Ain Ouessara. The farm has 15,000 olive trees, of which 9,000 are in production with drip irrigation.


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