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ALGIERS- Each of the destinations in Algeria is unique, and is noted for its incredibly varied tourist attractions. Hence, there is no exception in the case of Algiers. Situated along the Mediterranean Coast, Algiers is the largest city as well as the capital of Algeria. Among many of its landmarks are Notre Dame d’Afrique, the Monument of Martyrs, the National Museum of Fine Arts, Ketchaoua Mosque, and the Masourah Fortress. Equally worth mentioning are the Algiers beaches such as Zeralda, Turquoise Coast, Sidi Fredj, Douaouda, and Palm Beach. All of them are within close proximity to Algiers, and provide endless options for the visitors to indulge in a variety of activities, with its exceptional, charming and pleasant setting.

Algiers is characterized by the abundance of charming beaches with golden sand and clear water, which provide a huge number of enjoyable activities and considered by many of the most beautiful landmarks of the city, here is a group of the best beaches of Algiers:

* Zeralda

Perhaps the first name that comes into the mind when one thinks about a beach vacation in Algiers would be Zeralda. Nestled in Algiers province, it is a beach resort whose prime highlight is a holiday village as well as a replica nomad village. Further, it is a great place to enjoy a number of such water sport activities as kite surfing, windsurfing, and skiing.

* Palm Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches of Algiers, it is characterized by its clear waters and tourists can enjoy doing many beach activities such as swimming, snorkeling or relaxing under the beach umbrellas and spending some fun time, as it depicts in your imagination an aesthetic and natural painting that mixes the waters of the clear sea with the towering mountains .

* Turquoise Coast

The Turquoise Coast lies to the east of Algiers, and boasts some of the most stupendous rocky bays and sandy beaches in the country. Drenched in natural beauty, its beaches are bounded by verdant vegetation such as olive trees, cork oaks, and cypress. Further, it is a Mecca for water sport lovers, and excellent facilities are made available here to enjoy including boat cruises, sailing, fishing, and skiing. You can also find a couple of resorts that offer quality accommodation facilities.

* Blue beach
One of the most beautiful beaches of Algiers, where it is characterized by pure and clear water that enables you to relax and enjoy the view of the wonderful sea, you can do many activities at the beach such as swimming, fishing, or renting boats and wandering in the sea water.

* Sidi Fredj Peninsula

A vacation to Algeria would be incomplete without taking a tour to Sidi Fredj, as it has to its credit some of the world’s most magnificent beaches. Located within easy reach of Algiers, it serves as a perfect base to immerse yourself in a spectrum of water sport activities, from skiing and cruising to yachting, fishing, and kite surfing.

However, Sidi Fredj’s attractions are not restricted to its stupendous beaches, and points of interest here also include an old fortress, an open-air theatre, tennis courts, and a commercial centre. To add to the incredibility of the place, there are open leisure spots graced with lawns and landscaped gardens. Apart from these, Sidi Fredj is home to some world-class resorts that provide luxurious accommodation facilities.

* Golden sand beach

This beach is located in the west of the capital and deserves the title of the most beautiful beaches of Algiers, where it is characterized by many beach services and facilities. You can also accompany family and friends and set up tents in front of the beach and stay for a full day in front of this magic to enjoy the beauty of the sea and its waters and stay away from the daily routine.
In this beach, a place is provided for children under 8 years of age to swim.

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