Iron mines in Tebessa: MoU between “Manal” group, Turkish “Ozmert” inked


ALGIERS- A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed, Tuesday in Algiers, between Manadjim El Djazaïr (Manal) group and the Turkish company “Ozmert Algérie”, within the framework of the development and the valorization of iron ore deposits of Boukhadra and Ouenza (Tebessa).

The document was initialed by the CEO of the “Manal” Group, Mohamed Sakhr, and the general manager of “Ozmert Algeria”, Adnan Tune.

Chaired by the Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, the signing ceremony took place at the headquarters of the “Manal” Group.

This partnership would begin with commercial actions (raw ore sales contracts), and should extend to the construction of industrial facilities based on the extraction of large volumes of ore (approximately 6 to 7 MT/year) and c is the subject of this agreement.

The partnership to be developed between the parties is in the short, medium and long term and aims to achieve several stages, the first of which is the sale of raw ore by Manal or its subsidiaries for the benefit of “Ozmert Algérie” or its subsidiaries, under a commercial contract (100,000 tonnes from 2022 up to 500,000 tonnes in 2028).

To this end, an iron ore sales contract was also signed by the CEO of MFE Spa, Mazian Idir and Mr. Tune.

In the medium and long term, the agreement relates to the enrichment of the ore, by the production of concentrate or “Pellet Feed”, the production of pellets or pellets, from the enriched or concentrated ore, the production of “pre-reduced or DRI “, the production of semi-finished products, as well as the marketing of products including export.

“For the amount of 175 million dollars, the contract for the development and valuation of these deposits and the enrichment of iron ore would allow the country to supply its mining sector with the necessary raw material without resorting to imports”, affirmed Mr Arkab.

Highlighting the scale of expenditure in this area, the minister said that the country’s imports of minerals and pellets had reached 1 billion dollars in 2021 and could climb to 2 billion dollars in 2025.

Remember that “Ozmert Algeria” is a Sarl created in 2007 and today has a steel production plant (Steel mill, Rolling mill) with a capacity of 500,000 T / year of liquid steel, located in the Industrial Zone of the town of Tamazoura (Ain Temouchent). In the short term, “Ozmert Algeria” plans to reach 1,000,000 T/year of liquid steel.


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