Launch of 2022 edition of “Réda Hamiani” prize for economic press


ALGIERS- The Algerian Confederation of Citizen Employers (CAPC) announced on Sunday, in a press release, the launch of the 2022 edition of the “Réda Hamiani” prize for the economic press.

This competition aims “to encourage and popularize the economic debate through the national media,” specified the same source.

The competition is intended for professional journalists specializing in economics who work within an organ of the written, electronic, television or radio press in Algeria, underlined the CAPC.

Four prizes will be awarded to the best work in the fields of written, electronic, television and radio.

Journalists will be able to participate with works published or broadcast from January 1 to October 30, 2022, whether articles, reports or investigations, on an Algerian media.

The CAPC has chosen for this 2022 edition the theme: “Economic sovereignty, the three challenges: food security, digital security and energy security: challenges, potentialities and achievements”.

The work should, therefore, focus on subjects related to this theme as a whole or on one of its three components: food security, digital security and energy security, added the organizers.

They will be evaluated by a jury made up of academics, professional journalists from the written, audiovisual and radio press as well as experts and economists.

The last deadline for submitting the work has been set by the organizers for October 30, 2022, while the names of the winners will be revealed during the second half of next November, explained the CAPC.


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