Mali: Algerian truckers attacked by armed group in Gao


ALGIERS-Algerian truckers were attacked by an armed group composed of four individuals riding motorcycles in Gao (Mali). Three people were injured, said, Saturday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad in a statement.

The statement explained that the seven truck drivers transporting containers to Mali were attacked by a group of motorbike-riding armed assailants. The attack took place on Friday at 02:00 a.m., on the outskirts of Gao in Mali, more precisely at a camp that drivers usually use to take a break.

The assailants, using Kalashnikovs, first attempted to rob the drivers, and when they failed, they used guns to wound three drivers, according to the ministry.

It added that the victims were taken to hospital, with one in critical condition.

One of the injured was discharged from the hospital, while the other two are under medical supervision, the ministry added.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the convoy consisted of seven tracks, with 7 drivers on board, hired by an Algerian company that transports goods.


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