PM, senior state officials, diplomats accredited in Algeria perform prayer of Eid Al-Adha- Video


ALGIERS-Prime Minister Aïmene Benabderrahmane, on Saturday morning, performed Eid-al-Adha prayer at the Great Mosque of Algiers with the faithful, in an atmosphere of piety and serenity.

Members of the government, the adviser to the presidency of the Republic as well as members of the diplomatic corps from Arab and Muslim countries accredited to Algiers, also performed the Eid Al-Adha prayer at the Great Mosque of Algiers.

In his sermon, the Imam of the mosque stressed that “Eid El-Adha is an opportunity for reconciliation, solidarity between the faithful and to perpetuate charitable actions.” He recalled, in this vein, that this feast is, also, an occasion for “the purification of the soul, far from all hatred and resentment to make prevail the precepts and the teachings of Islam.”

Mr. Benabderrahmane received, on this occasion, the wishes of many citizens who performed the Eid prayer at the Great Mosque of Algiers.


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