Makhzeno-Zionist plots hatched against Algeria: Exclusive confessions of detainee Benhalima on traitors, felons lurking abroad (Part 2)


ALGIERS- The detained terrorist Mohamed Azouz Benhalima confessed to having discovered during his interactions with the leaders of the terrorist movement “Rachad” and its sympathizers, that he had fallen into the trap of “a Makhzeno-Zionist plot hatched against Algeria “, affirming the existence of secret links between this terrorist organization and international networks specializing in forgery and organized crime.

In the second part of his confession broadcast, on Wednesday evening, by Algerian television under the title “Path of felony.. details of the conspiracy”, the terrorist Benhalima indicated that he realized, after learning that the Spanish authorities planned to extradite the terrorist Mohamed Abdellah, that he was going to suffer the same fate, which led him to come into direct contact with members and intermediaries of the “Rachad” terrorist movement.

Detainee Benhalima explained that he began, once in contact with the terrorists Larbi Zitout, Amir Boukhors and Assia Guechoud, to discover “their true intentions” and that he fell into the trap of a “makhzen- Zionist plot against Algeria”.

He called these terrorists “traitors” who, in addition to “betraying their country”, “get rid of anyone who does not collaborate with their plans or who has knowledge of many details of their activities”.

The detained terrorist also returned to “the treachery and denunciation” of the terrorist Amir Boukhors known as “Amir Dz” who denounced him to the French authorities when he traveled to this country in August 2021.

In France, Benhalima said he contacted Abdellah Drissi, “right arm” of the terrorist Larbi Zitout, who told him that he was collecting donations from mosques with other people to send them to Afghanistan, and that ” business leaders were financing the activities of the Rachad terrorist movement”.

Detainee Benhalima explained, in his confession, how the terrorist Boukhors, dubbing him as “threat and competition”, filed a complaint with the French security services to push him to leave French territory.

In his confession, the terrorist Benhalima evoked the period of his house arrest in France where “the hand of the Makhzen” begins to be revealed in the plot.

Indeed, he explained that someone called Walid Kebir, “residing in Morocco who participated in the popular Hirak in Algeria and having relations with Hichem Aboud and Mehdi Ghani” tried to transfer him to Morocco. A destination to which the terrorist Assia Guechoud also tried to convince him to choose.

And to reveal, in this context, that the terrorist Zitout informed him that Amir Boukhors “has direct contact with the Moroccan Makhzen and that he was receiving colossal sums from the Moroccan authorities”.

The terrorist Benhalima later reconsiders his decision to flee to England instead of Morocco by posing as a Jew.

He cited at this level the named Rachid Hadj Gourari who “facilitated the operation by falsifying the necessary travel documents”.

According to Benhalima, this attempt to flee confirms the secret links between the terrorist movement “Rachad” and networks specializing in forgery and organized crime, as well as the use of all means to achieve its abject plans, the fate of individuals exploited for these purposes being “the least of their worries”.

Recounting his attempt to leave French territory, the terrorist Benhalima said he was captured at Paris airport and extradited to Portugal where he requested asylum. He further explained his new attempt to flee Portugal by land to Belgian or French territories with the help of terrorist Ismail Zitout.

During the last attempt to escape that the detainee Benhalima said he had discovered “the treason” of the terrorist Larbi Zitout. His arrest by the Spanish security services can only be a “denunciation” of Zitout, insofar as the latter was in constant contact with him during his crossing of Spain.

He noted that the terrorist Zitout tried to camouflage his betrayal by trying to convince him that he was going to hire lawyers and mobilize NGOs to get him out of prison, when in truth he did everything to have him arrested.

Calling the terrorist Zitout a “charlatan”, “who resides in England and exploits others to carry out his plans”, inmate Benhalima noted that he was contacted by Ismail Zitout to broadcast videos illustrating that “Larbi Zitout is innocent who was allegedly the target of attacks in the media and via social networks”.

Earlier, detainee Mohamed Azzouz Benhalima has delivered the first part of his exclusive confessions on traitors and felons lurking abroad, lifting the veil on their involvement in despicable plans targeting Algeria’s security, unity and stability.

In the testimonies broadcast, last Sunday, by Algerian television under the title “Path of felony …. details of the conspiracy”, the detainee Benhalima referred to the exploitation of young Algerians in plans targeting the Algerian state and the People’s National Army (ANP) in particular.

Recalling having joined the ranks of the ANP as a driver, Benhalima said he had made contact in August 2019 with Mohamed Abdellah to whom he expressed his willingness to emigrate, adding that he felt comfortable since the latter was a former soldier.

Mohamed Abdellah systematically contacted Larbi Zitout (responsible for the Rachad terrorist movement) to keep him informed of the details of the discussions, he added, noting that Larbi Zitout’s objective was to recruit active soldiers within the various units of the army to serve as a source of information.

Detainee Benhalima said he left Algeria in September 2019 for Alicante (Spain) where he contacted Mohamed Abdellah who was his intermediary with Larbi Zitout. The latter provided him with financial aid to blackmail him, through his brothers Miloud and Ismail as well as the named Moussa Zerrari residing in Lyon (France).

He also mentioned his first contact with the named “Amir Dz” who got in touch with him requesting his phone number.

In October 2019, detainee Benhalima said he was admitted to a reception center for asylum seekers in Tolosa (Spain) where he started broadcasting incitement videos under the directions given by Ismail Zitout. At this time, he was contacted by Larbi Zitout to launch a Youtube channel, according to the confessions of Benhalima who noted that Ismail Zitout was the media manager of his brother Larbi.

According to these confessions, Larbi Zitout is the mastermind of the Rachad terrorist movement which also includes Abbas Aroua, Mourad Dehina, Rachid Mesli, Nazim Taleb and two other dual nationals.


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