Algeria: Press release from Council of Ministers (Full text)


ALGIERS- President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune, the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, minister of National Defence chaired, Sunday, a Council of Ministers meeting to consider and adopt the organic bill on associations and the Supplementary Finance Bill 2022, in addition to presentations relating to various sectors, a Council of Ministers’ statement said.

Here is the full communiqué:

“The President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defense, chaired, on Sunday June 19, 2022, a Council of Ministers meeting, devoted to examining, debating and adopting the draft organic law relating to associations and the 2022 draft complementary finance law, as well as several presentations relating to renewable energies, national education and preparations for the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of Independence.

After listening to a briefing given by the Prime Minister on government activities over the past two weeks, the President gave the following guidelines and instructions:

* Regarding the draft law relating to associations:

The President of the Republic instructed the government to take into consideration the following guidelines in enriching the draft law:

– To grant a paramount importance to this law governing the associative landscape as part of the deepening of the democratic process, which requires enrichment and a revision of the draft law in order to avoid the bad experiments which Algeria has known.

– The necessity to clarify and specify the terms and conditions for the creation of associations, so as to leave no room for different interpretations of the content of the law.

* Regarding the draft law on Reserve Military:

– The President highly praised the content of the draft law presented by the Ministry of National Defense, for the forward-looking vision it contains with the aim of preserving the supreme interests of the country, with the possibility of recalling the reserve military and to request them in all circumstances as part of national cohesion, which requires the defense of every parcel of the national territory.

* Regarding the 2022 complementary finance law:

– The revision of the complementary finance bill (PLFC) 2022, according to a “realistic and rational” vision which preserves the macro-financial and the social gains of the State in favor of citizens.

– The Complementary Finance Law 2022 would not include any new taxes, nor affect in any form the price structure currently applied, the objective being to preserve the purchasing power and the social gains approved by the State in favor of citizens.

– Citizens with low and middle incomes should not be the category which is mostly subjected to taxes.

* Regarding renewable energies:

– The President of the Republic affirmed that Algeria is working, thanks to its natural and financial skills and capacities, to diversify its energy sources, in particular clean energy, thus, paving the way for start-ups to invest in this niche, through outsourcing in various specialties.

– To move in accordance to a studied program towards the production of green hydrogen and solar energy.

– Exclude agricultural land, located in strategic areas, from exploitation in renewable energy projects.

*Regarding the revision of the educational curricula and textbook:

– The President of the Republic reiterated his determination to review the law governing the teaching profession, in application of his commitments in terms of reforming the education system.

– The President of the Republic stressed the need to review educational curricula with reference to the pedagogical spirit, which has enabled the training, since independence, of an elite in various specialties.

– Formally prohibit the review of educational curricula during the school year.

– Work towards the launch of a review according to well-defined objectives, based essentially on the results of teaching, while setting a timetable of at least two or three years for the realization of this review.

– Adopt the English language from the primary cycle, after an in-depth study by experts and specialists.

– The President gave instructions for the immediate launch of a broad consultation between actors in the education sector with the aim of achieving a unified vision of the phenomenon of school bag overload and adopts it.

– The Council of Ministers gave its approval for the scheduling of two additional flights to the State of Qatar, bringing the number of flights operated by Air Algérie to three (3) flights per week instead of a single flight.

– At the end of its meeting, the Council of Ministers approved a number of individual decisions on the appointment and termination of functions for senior state executives.



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