Sonatrach: AEC sets up sites for construction of 3 new seawater desalination stations


ALGIERS – The Algerian Energy company “AEC”, a subsidiary of the Sonatrach Group, set up, during this week, the sites for the construction of three new seawater desalination stations in the provinces of Boumerdes, Bejaïa and El Tarf, said a press release from the Group.

“The sites were set up in the presence of the governors and the local authorities of the provinces concerned by the construction of these stations that will contribute to the supply of drinking water,” added the same source.

These projects, entrusted to the Sonatrach Group, are part of the implementation of the complementary program of the public authorities’ emergency plan for the year 2021, which provides for the construction of five new seawater desalination stations ​​with a production capacity of 300,000 M3/day each, for the benefit of five provinces, namely; Oran (Cap Blanc), Bejaïa (Tighremt-Toudja), Boumerdes (Cap Djinet), Tipasa (Fouka 2) and El Tarf ( Koudiet Eddraouch).

The realization of these vital strategic projects for the country, is ensured by Sonatrach at their head the AEC, supported by the National Society of Civil Engineering and Building (GCB), the National Pipeline Company (ENAC SPA), the National Company of Major Petroleum Works (ENGTP), as well as the Algerian Company for the realization of industrial projects (SARPI SPA), according to the same press release.


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