Africa Kung Fu Wushu Cup (sanda): Algeria snatches 10 medals (including 2 gold), ranks 2nd


ALGIERS- Algerian Kung Fu Wushu team (sanda) ranked second with a total of ten medals (2 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze), at the Africa Cup of Nations that wrapped up, Saturday evening, in the Tahar Belakhdar sports hall of Cheraga, Algiers.

The two Algerian gold medals were snatched by Aymen Beldi Athmane (70 kg) who beat the Egyptian Ismail Mohamed in the final, while Saihi Aymen took over the Senegalese Mam Cheikh Diao.

The first place was snatched by Egypt with a total of eight medals (6 gold and 2 silver), while Tunisia finished in 3rd place with seven medals (2 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze).

“The Algerian selection showed a very good image of Kung Fu Wushu through these results which allowed us to finish up in an honorable 2nd place thanks to talented athletes. We are in the process of forming a group which will be able to represent Algeria during the next sporting events,” said Mohamed Benaissa, National Technical Director (DTN).

The DTN of Kung Fu Wushu tackled the conditions of a preparation “which were not up to par due to the Covid-19 pandemic…,” he said.

Algeria is, also, hosting, as this Sunday, the 5th African Youth Championships (minimum, cadets and juniors), qualifiers for the next African Youth Games (JAJ-2022), scheduled for next August in Egypt and the world championships, slated for the month of December in Indonesia.


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